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Tax Services near Boston, MA

tax services in westwood, bostonTax laws are always changing. You need a partner that understands the tax landscape of the IRS. We will relieve you of this burden. Making mistakes in your tax preparation can be costly. Omissions and errors could attract fines and penalties. At Donovan Sullivan & Ryan, we pay attention to details. We will prepare your taxes in an accurate and timely manner.

Our team provides common-sense tax planning with an individual, strategic solution designed for your financial success. For easy access to our office from Boston or MetroWest, take Exit 13 University Ave Station, off of Route 128/I-95. We are cross from the Rte. 128 Amtrak Train Station.

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Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Donovan Sullivan & Ryan offers comprehensive tax services for individuals. We will review your existing tax returns and resolve arising issues from previous returns. We base our practice on professionalism, ethical commitment, and honesty. We have the expertise and capacity to ensure accurate and punctual tax preparation. We can help you plan for a brighter financial future.

Almost every financial decision that we make could have possible tax implications. For example, buying a house, investing, inheritance, and even in death. With a proper tax strategy, we can help you reduce your tax bill.

westwood boston tax servicesTax planning can help:

  1. Minimizes tax liability on investment and income so you can earn more
  2. Differ expenses and income to future years
  3. Reduce tax liability on your estate
  4. Defer liability through gifts
  5. Reduce tax liability on your retirement income
  6. Maximizes tax deductions and write-offs

Tax Services for Expats

As an American living abroad or a foreigner investing in the USA, you are subject to filing tax returns. At Donovan Sullivan & Ryan, we provide a wide range of tax services for expatriates. We can help you find deductions and tax write-offs that apply to you. Our CPAs will work with you to ensure that you comply with all the requirements that apply to your circumstances. We will prepare your taxes and help you reduce your tax liability.

Tax Planning for Businesses

westwood, boston business tax servicesEvery financial decision that you make may have possible tax implications. Your choices could prove costly if you do not know the tax consequences that you face. Adequate tax planning can help you reduce your tax bill.

Donovan Sullivan & Ryan offers comprehensive tax planning services for businesses. We offer you the guidance that will help your business maximize income. Our tax planners can assist you beyond tax compliance. We can guide you to your long-term financial goals.

Is Tax Planning Worth it?

There is more to tax planning than deductions and annual 1040 Forms. Tax planning is about stimulating business growth while minimizing tax liabilities. At Donovan Sullivan & Ryan, our CPAs can formulate your customized tax strategy. We can ensure that your tax plan aligns with your company's financial objectives. A comprehensive tax plan will highlight the best opportunities for saving money. Our CPAs are passionate about tax and tax planning grounded heavily in research. With these methods, we can provide favorable results.

Quarterly Taxes

Your company's structure dictates how you file your taxes. Partnerships and sole proprietorships both file their tax returns on an annual basis. Through the form 1120, corporations file their taxes yearly.

Quarterly taxes apply to business owners whose salary is not subject to withholdings. Declaring your quarterly taxes involves submitting the Form 1040-ES. Our CPAs can study the structure of your business and advise you appropriately.

Payroll Taxes

The law requires business owners to submit state and federal payroll taxes. Payroll taxes are wages on all employee wages. Payroll taxes include social security and Medicare deductions plus FICA taxes. Donovan Sullivan & Ryan has years of experience preparing payroll taxes for businesses. We can customize a strategy that will help your business cut costs and remain compliant.

Tax Resolution

Tax resolution involves all attempts to assist in clearing a tax debt. No one is exempt from tax issues. Sometimes, these issues can arise out of no fault of your own. You must have a reliable tax partner to help you resolve these tax issues. Tax resolution involves IRS payment plans, offer in compromise, innocent spouse relief, penalty abatement, and more. Tax laws are always changing. Some of the common reasons why you may find yourself needing tax resolution services include:

Inexperience: Keeping up with tax laws can be daunting. Defaults and missed deadlines can attract penalties.

A Mistake Made by Your Spouse: Married couples can file taxes together. A mistake made by your spouse during filing could land you in trouble.

Extra Income: When you sell an asset, there is more revenue coming in - consequently, a larger tax bill.

Life Changes: As your kids grow up and move out, the number of dependents reduces.

There are different avenues for tax resolution that are available for individuals. These include IRS installment agreements, penalty abatement, innocent spouse programs, and the IRS offer in compromise.

IRS Installment Agreements

The IRS installment agreements are a set of payment plans that aim at tax resolution. There are four types of payment plans available to you.

  • The Partial Payment Plan: This installment agreement will ensure that you pay only part of your total tax bill. To qualify for the partial payment plan, you need to provide evidence of financial strain.
  • The Streamlined Installment Agreement: Here, you are to pay your total tax debt in 72 months through equal installments. If you owe a total of $7,200, your monthly payment will be $100 each for 72 months.
  • The Tiered Agreement: Instead of paying equal monthly installments, your monthly obligations may increase at some point. This plan is advantageous when you are servicing a loan. As soon as you complete paying your loan, your monthly installment can increase.
  • The Full Pay Agreement: If you are unable to settle your tax debt within 72 months, the IRS will let you into this program. Here, you pay your full tax debt over an extended period (over 72 months).

Offer in Compromise

westwood, boston irs tax helpThe IRS may let you negotiate a deal that will have you settle your total tax debt with a fraction of the amount. It sounds like a great deal, but not everyone can qualify for this "Penny to the dollar" offer. The IRS will let you make them an offer. This offer has to be the most realistic amount that they can recover from you. We can help you evaluate your situation and find out if you qualify for this option.

Innocent Spouse Relief

American tax laws allow couples to file their returns together. Omitting or withholding information from the IRS can prove costly. When these errors are your spouse's mistakes, the innocent spouse relief program applies.

Penalty Abatement

You may find yourself in debt to the IRS through no fault on your part. In such a situation, you can qualify for penalty abatement. In this program, the IRS will remove the penalties.

Resolving IRS Tax Liens

A release involves resolving a tax lien to the point of completion. After the release, the government withdraws its rights to your property. You are free to sell the asset or use it to secure a loan. However, the lien remains as a permanent record in your credit report. There are three ways to release your tax liens:

  1. Direct Debit Installment Agreement: These are a series of payment plans. They include automatic withdrawal of money from your bank (monthly garnishments).
  2. Malpractice on the Side of the IRS: If you can prove malpractice on the side of the IRS, the tax body will have to release your tax lien.
  3. Expiration of the Statute of Limitation: If the IRS fails to resolve your tax debt within the deadline, the lien expires.

Filing For Bankruptcy

When you face a tax lien, you are probably worried about losing your hard-earned assets. Our dedicated team of tax experts and CPAs can help you navigate through your tax troubles. Filing for bankruptcy will not provide a resolution if the tax lien is present before you file.

Bankruptcy may stop the IRS from collecting back taxes but not on a lien. Bankruptcy also discharges any penalties or interests associated with your back taxes. We will review your options to resolve debt problems to the IRS.

Comprehensive Tax Services in Westwood, MA

At Donovan Sullivan & Ryan, we offer a variety of tax services. These services include tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolution. Our team is dedicated and passionate about helping you improve your financial future. Visit our offices or call us for a free consultation!

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Tax Preparation
According to a study released by the US Government's General Accounting Office last year, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.
Tax Planning
Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.
Tax Resolution
When the Internal Revenue Service informs you of a tax filing error or other issues, it pays to have a team of experienced CPAs on your side.
IRS Audit Representation
Rarely do our clients have to talk with the IRS. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your job to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork of the IRS.