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Business Services in Westwood, MA

Portrait of a smiling handsome businessman with crossed arms.Are you looking for an accounting firm that will help your small to medium-sized business thrive? Donovan Sullivan Ryan accounting firm has been helping businesses in different industries since 1979. Our team of seasoned CPAs can handle all your tax, financial, bookkeeping, and accounting needs correctly and on time. As you deal with more critical issues, we can also formulate strategic solutions to keep your business running.

Our goal is to meet all your needs when owning and operating a business, whether that includes meeting with the IRS on your behalf, tackling your payroll and accounting tasks, or providing financial advice. We understand the importance of an active and up-to-date financial plan for your business. Our experienced CPAs are here to help ensure that your financial situation becomes better as your business grows. Contact Donovan Sullivan & Ryan today to schedule a detailed consultation!

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Modern Accounting for Your Growing Business

business team working with laptop in officeOur team understands that as a business owner, you may not have the time to manage your books correctly. We can take care of your business records, so you can focus on generating profits and growing your business. We do this through reconciling your bank accounts, cleaning your general ledger, producing your business' balance sheet and income statement, and much more.

These services are a vital part of all small to medium-sized business accounting systems. We offer our solutions monthly or quarterly, depending on your business needs. Our team is always willing to spend time with you or your staff to help you make use of our generated fiscal information. Through our DSR e-Accounting service, which includes secure online and cloud accounting, you can access all your business financial statements online anytime and anywhere.

Keeping You Organized with Comprehensive Bookkeeping

At Donovan Sullivan & Ryan, our bookkeeping services involve keeping a daily record of all your business financial transactions. We make it easy to track the amount of money that flows in and out of your venture, as well as the profits generated. Our team can also help you record transactions related to customer, loan, and supplier payments, and asset depreciation.

Although bookkeeping sounds simple, it's complicated; especially when it comes to taxes, investments, loans, and assets. Whether complicated or straightforward, our team can handle your bookkeeping tasks effortlessly.

What is Cash Flow Management?

group of stacks of coinsCash flow management involves monitoring the amount of cash coming into and out of your business. This process helps ensure that the inflow of funds is more than the outflow so that your venture can record a surplus and run smoothly. Our team works closely with you to make sure that this extra money is held or invested wisely, helping generate more profit for your business.

When funds stop circulating, this can mean real trouble for your business operations. With our help, you can quickly know when you need more cash, where to get it and maintain a good relationship with your creditors. Our team develops both long-term and short-term cash flow projections to help create a good capital strategy and manage your daily cash appropriately. Your business should pay creditors on time and must not have a record of long-standing debts to avoid running into cash shortages.

Why is Cash Flow Management Important for My Business?

Many businesses can fail as a result of poor cash flow management. Luckily, you can make sure that your business keeps running with our cash flow management services. You can also enjoy the following benefits of managing your cash flow properly:

  • Creditworthiness and solvency
  • Boosts employee and vendor relationships
  • Allows you to make more money through well-planned investments

Getting Your Business the Capital it Needs Through Bank Financing

Credit card close up shotThe chances of receiving a loan from a lender are higher when you present a well-prepared loan application using the help of experienced CPAs. If you need capital up-front to grow your business, our team can work with you to help create a sound loan proposal. We prepare your application from your lender's perspective, increasing the chances of success. A winning proposal includes an executive summary, financial statements, growth prospects, and a convincing presentation.

Understanding the Purpose of Bank Financing

Not having the right amount of working capital can slow you down. With the right support and proper funding, you can have enough money to push your business' financial growth. A bank loan can cover short-term fund requirements or bridge the gap between supplier payments and client orders. Your business can also use this loan to take advantage of a market gap or new rewarding investment opportunities.

If your business is seasonal, you can use the loan to cover expenses during slower seasons. Even with enough working capital, your business may require additional assets during the growth process. 

5 Ways Our Part-time CFO Services Can Help Your Business

Successful business growth requires expertise and will benefit from experienced professional financial advice. Like most business owners, you might not be able to hire a full-time CFO. We provide experienced and result-oriented CFO services that don't require you to hire one full-time. Our team will help you with:

1. Crisis management: We work closely with you to determine suitable strategies and interventions for unique business complications. A blend of our professional insights and experience can help solve any form of a business crisis.

2. Cash flow and financing: Your business needs enough funds for accounts receivables, wages, loan repayment, and inventory. Without access to this revenue, your business can become insolvent. Our CFO services offer exceptional cash flow management to help ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

3. Mergers and acquisition: Our business service experts help you make informed decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions opportunities that can arise as your business grows. We can evaluate, negotiate, and make a deal on your behalf.

4. Financial oversight: Our part-time CFO support can help minimize the chances of misappropriating, misspending, and mismanaging your business finances. We can handle all your accounting needs as you focus on other critical matters such as sales and marketing.

5. Business strategy: We carefully analyze your business' environment and create a growth-oriented strategy. With an excellent business strategy, it's easier to project and plan for a successful future.

Strategic Business Planning

Two confident business man shaking hands during a meeting in the officeFor your business to thrive, you need to make decisions that boost current operations and make use of all available resources. Strategic business planning involves documenting your business' direction by analyzing your current situation and where you want to be in the future. A strategic plan highlights your values, mission, short and long-term goals, and what you intend to do to achieve the goals. Our team helps you develop a strategic plan designed to guide you when responding to challenges and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

A growing business can face many risks. However, following your specific plan and knowing where your company is headed helps lessen those hazards. Strategic business planning provides a sound foundation for developing specific marketing that helps promote your services or products, boosts sales, attracts the target audience, and strengthens your business' competitiveness.

Managing Your Payroll Obligations

smiling coworkers looking at camera in officePayroll involves everything related to paying your employees' wages and salary. State laws and the IRS have made this process complex. However, you don't have to spend hours trying to run payroll while we can handle the job effectively. Our team offers direct deposit, payments that are transferred from your account to your employees' accounts electronically.

Our savvy CPAs handle your payroll tax responsibilities without errors and on time to avoid tax penalties. We can help you determine the amount of money to withhold from your employees for payroll tax payment. Our tax experts can also process garnishes and everything else related to payroll taxes.

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Our accounting firm serves business owners across Westwood and the greater Boston and MetroWest communities and has done so since 1979. We pride ourselves on helping businesses generate more profits, and grow within a reasonable time frame. Our experienced CPAs understand what a business needs to be successful. When you choose us, we can meet you in our office, your place of work, or anywhere that is convenient. For more information, call our office today!

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Small Business Accounting
As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
Reviews & Compilations
Your stockholders, creditors, or private investors have different levels of risk tolerance, so we provide three levels of assurance to meet your needs.
Strategic Business Planning
If you still have all your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, preparing a strategic plan can help you clarify your company's direction.
Succession Planning
Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next.
Internal Controls
We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures, then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger.